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  • To preserve your vision and ensure eye health, get a comprehensive dilated eye exam on a regular schedule. Aside from eye health due to genetics or aging, regular eye exams can keep your eye care professional abreast of your other medical conditions and it’s a great precaution to take to ensure your medications aren’t affecting […]

  • To correct vision problems such as blurred vision, double vision, haziness, cross or misaligned eyes, glare, or halos around bright lights, eyeglasses and contact lenses can correct these issues. They can also help alleviate eye strain caused by refractive issues to the cornea or lens, squinting, or headaches. Contact lenses act as the first refractive […]

  • Glaucoma affects the optic nerve of the eye. It is actually a group of diseases that can lead to blindness or permanent vision loss. Glaucoma can appear suddenly, without any symptoms, and is often diagnosed once it’s too late for treatments. However, many glaucoma treatments exist, but the fact is that no matter how effective […]

  • Refractive surgery is a surgical procedure intended to improve the power of the eye’s ability to focus. The most commonly known refractive surgery is LASIK surgery. LASIK surgery uses a laser to correct the patient’s vision. This special laser works precisely and in a controlled manner to remove corneal tissue. The purpose of corneal tissue […]

  • Nearsightedness, officially known as myopia, is a common eye issue. With myopia, close objects are clearly seen while far away objects are blurry. This is due to a refractive error within the eye. Children and adults can be affected by myopia. In fact, many children with myopia don’t even realize they have sight issues. However, […]