To correct vision problems such as blurred vision, double vision, haziness, cross or misaligned eyes, glare, or halos around bright lights, eyeglasses and contact lenses can correct these issues. They can also help alleviate eye strain caused by refractive issues to the cornea or lens, squinting, or headaches.

Contact lenses act as the first refractive surface the light rays hit when they enter the eye; this is how they work. This process causes precise refraction or focus in the eye. For many people, contact lenses can lead to clearer vision and even a wider field of vision. When fitted and used properly, contact lenses are very safe and effective way to resolve issues with eyesight. Some people, however, cannot use contact lenses for a variety of reasons.

If you suspect you have issues with your vision, visit Riverdale Ophthalmology for a comprehensive eye exam. You may walk out with a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses to help you see as well as you can.